Experience Feedback – complex project management

Sector : Large metropolis new stadium development company

Project : New stadium organization and IS implementation management

Objective : Helping to design and manage the implementation of the new organization and IS

Results and benefits

  • Organization and IS implementation done in time
  • Successful activity kick-off with 50,000 people at the first game
  • Project managed through risks and high priority given to safety

Defining the organization and target system

  • Helping set up the development structure
  • Identifying the activities needed for commercial and technical development
  • Modeling the working principles
  • Helping define the functional architecture and urbanization
  • Defining IS specifications (programs, SaaS mode, network Infrastructure,…)

Helping choose solutions and partners

  • Launching tenders
  • Opening bids
  • Helping select bidders
  • Helping negotiate and contract with editors, sub-contractors and partners

Helping manage the overall project

Helping manage the whole program through risks given the stakes: large public context, crowd management, fixed official stadium opening date with over 50,000 visitors, political stakes, ….