Experience Feedback – Consultancy in strategic alignment

Sector : Debt collection agency

Project : Redesign the processes and Information system

Objective : Set up suitable processes and information system to enable turnover to be increased threefold over 5 years

Results and benefits

  • Clarify and share the strategic ambitions and apply them to all operational management teams
  • Select the key means to reach them, especially the target urbanization IS characteristics
  • Frame the IS redesign program along strategic demands

Preparing the company strategic map

Chair the Executive Committee and progressively formalize the strategic objectives and relations of cause to effect to reach them

Implementation per department

Implementing the overall strategy per department to obtain a strategic map for each department (Operations management, Commercial management, HR, AFM, ISM)

Setting up the required target IS

Setting up the target urbanization IS strategy

Organizing the target IS redesigning program

Setting up the IS redesigning program taking into account all ins and outs

Structuring the program from contracting to work supervising and selecting actor roles and responsibilities in line with strategic aims.