Experience Feedback – Consultancy in organization

Sector : Major group in the Food Industry

Project : Organizing the production workshop MES system management structure

Objective : After a project mode MES management system implementation phase, define the system governance and development structure.

Results and benefits

  • Setting-up a collaborative work structure between Industrial management, Information System management and Automatic control management
  • Clarifying roles, responsibilities and tasks based on each team’s know-how
  • Optimizing the target organization structure through the optimization of  required know-how and process fluidity

Analysis of existing

  • SWOT analysis of the existing functioning mode resulting from the project mode organization. Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Mapping the skills required in the MES development mode

  • Running workshops with all actors involved in the industrial management, IS Management and Automatic control management to identify precisely required existing and new skills.
  • Formalizing a skills map and the current structural links

Structure model simulation

  • Identifying several possible target structures
  • Assessing, in workshops, the relevance of each option in terms of the future optimization of skills and process fluidity

Presenting the target structure for validation to the Executive Committee

  • Presentation, by the different parties in the company, of their preferred option to the executive committee.
  • Validation of the chosen solution