Experience feedback – Consultancy in IS

Sector : Local authority

Project : Developing the IS Master Plan

Objective : Setting the 3-year IS strategic orientations and the 5-year investment plan

Results and benefits

  • Involving all local authority management, some elected members and IS Management
  • Defining strategic IS architecture axes
  • Defining the 5-year project plan, with details for the first 3 years
  • Defining the multi-annual 5 year Investment Plan

Analysis of existing

  • Interviewing all executive committee members, Information System Management members, elected representatives
  • Collecting local authority priorities in terms of public policies and organization of Direction Générale des Services
  • Collecting requirements and priorities for each management team
  • Collecting and analysing existing computer systems and the degree of satisfaction

Setting the strategic plan

  • Setting major orientations in terms of IS and services put forward by ISM
  • Setting the prioritized project plan according to stakes and local priorities
  • Pricing the project plan and setting the annual plans for the following 5 years