The growing complexity of retail activities (Web, Omni canal, Supply chain …) makes it necessary to call upon several fields of expertise.

This is why NORGATEC Consulting offers its expertise in retail  and its solutions to its specific problems with NorgaRetail services

This service and the standard NORGATEC Consulting services are fully complementary for retail companies.

Our Retail services hinge on 3 major stakes:

  • Client relation improvement
  • Supply chain improvement
  • Product chain improvement

This service is carried out either :

  • At the strategic level (vision)
  • At the tactical level (transformation plan)
  • At the operational level  (project management)

Some of your business stakes:

  • Develop a privileged relationship with your clients to build brand loyalty.
  • Offer the right product, at the right price, in the right quantity, at the right time in all your sales outlets.
  • Decrease the product supply cycle (PLM)
  • Simplify the client home to sale itinerary.
  • Optimize your company data quality and uniformity.
  • Optimize/reduce your structure costs.
  • Optimize your stocks
  • Optimize all your horizontal processes.
  • Use new technologies to attain these objectives ( RFID, NFC, Smartphone, tablets …)

Un savoir-faire spécialisé & des expériences réussies :