NORGATEC Consulting : A corporate sponsor

“ Competence sponsorship, because it meets unfulfilled needs, is a social innovation. It enables not for profit organizations to get help outside the regular channels through the involvement of the company staff”. NORGATEC Consulting and its consultants make that commitment.


“Competence sponsorship puts staff specialized in communication, finance, accounting, marketing, computing… at the disposal of not for profit organizations

This lending of competence is done during the voluntary staff’s working time, on the premises of the not for profit organization or in the company.”


All donations to the following organizations are considered to be corporate sponsorship:

  • The government and its public organizations, local organizations
  • Foundations or associations recognized of public utility or general interest
  • Not for profit organizations which help fund small and medium size companies (investment, accompaniment, help to create or take over a company…)
  • Live entertainment organizations that produce lyrical, drama, dance, film and circus shows
  • Any company whose main activity is to organize Contemporary Art exhibitions
  • Government certified private or public education centers



For the firm,

Grow and communicate on its values

Show its solidarity with some projects

Enhance its know-how

For the staff,

Give a sense to their professional projects

Broaden their experience and their ability to adapt

Open up to the not for profit environment through new socially, culturally, environmentally, humanitarian oriented tasks

Enhance their competence

For the not for profit organization,

Benefit from the competence, experience and means of a company expert in its field

Professionalization of the organization through the specific access to expertise

Contact with professionals from various sectors


A short or long term task : from a few hours to a few days a year for a staff member. Some advice, accompaniment, help.

Our offer is based on:

  • Knowledge of the fields and markets
  • A sectorial approach (Distribution, Transport, Banking, Insurance…)
  • Highly specialized accompaniment of management: from strategic consultancy to continuous performance improvement
  1. You submit your application and task description.
  2. Once your application has been assessed and accepted, your organization is contacted by a NORGATEC consultant who brings the required know-how on their own working time according to pre-defined conditions.
  3. You assess the work done with the NORGATEC consultant.