Feedback Norgatec

Experience Feedback – complex project management

Sector : Large metropolis new stadium development company Project : New stadium organization and IS implementation management Objective : Helping to design and manage the implementation of the new organization and IS Results and benefits Organization and IS implementation done in time

Experience feedback – Consultancy in IS

Sector : Local authority Project : Developing the IS Master Plan Objective : Setting the 3-year IS strategic orientations and the 5-year investment plan Results and benefits Involving all local authority management, some elected members and IS Management Defining strategic

Experience Feedback – Consultancy in strategic alignment

Sector : Debt collection agency Project : Redesign the processes and Information system Objective : Set up suitable processes and information system to enable turnover to be increased threefold over 5 years Results and benefits Clarify and share the strategic

Experience Feedback – Consultancy in organization

Sector : Major group in the Food Industry Project : Organizing the production workshop MES system management structure Objective : After a project mode MES management system implementation phase, define the system governance and development structure. Results and benefits Setting-up

Section – Experience feedback – in progress

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